Snapchat For Dummies

Being 25 years young I really don’t see what the big deal is with snapchat it's honestly only a mild form of entertainment. That being said, I do use it regularly. I like to share photos and videos on my story that will self destruct after so many seconds. They usually contain my fur babies acting crazy and my 6 year old being a diva. I also use it often to creep on my little cousins and other family members. It 's a little like everyone has their own reality show. I suppose thats the draw for the bored masses.
I am going to go over the basics of snapchat with you in this article. This should be helpful if you want to join the rest of the snap chatters,  and have no clue where to begin.
First thing is first. I shouldn't have to mention this but this is snapchat for dummies!
2.Go ahead and follow the instructions. 
3.Now it is time to start some snap madness.

Finding friends:
      Friends is the first thing you need. I hope you have some if not that is a whole new how-to.  Without friends you may find snapchat a bit limited. What I did was ask my pals on Facebook (another social media hub for those who do not know) if anyone had the app and if they did what their username was so I could add them.  In order to search a name  you will need to click on the little ghost at the top of your screen. You have two choices. You can find people that have it through the contacts on your phone or you can add by username. You can also search celebrities. I have some on mine it is neat to see what their life is like behind closed doors! If you want to find celebs, google is an amazing thing. I just typed in celebrity snapchats and there you have it you can search their SC (snapchat) name on the app and then add. When someone has added you that little white ghost will turn yellow.  To accept that person click on the yellow ghost, next go to “added me”.

Stories are a string of Snaps that create a narrative that other Snapchatters can view for 24 hours. You can tap each photo or video to speed up the story you can also swipe down to exit the story you are viewing. To view a story swipe left on the Camera screen to got to the Stories screen.
Scroll down to the Recent Updates. Tap a Snapchatter's name to view their Story. Pretty simple stuff huh!

The camera is pretty easy to use. If the camera needs to be focused tap anywhere on the screen. Tap the camera icon in the top right-hand corner to switch from rear camera to front camera, and tap the lightning symbol to turn on the flash on/off.
To take a photo, tap the circle at the bottom of the screen. To record a video, tap and HOLD the circle at the bottom of the screen. You can doodle on your snaps with the pencil tool, which is located at the top-right corner. To pick a color, simply adjust the slider. Then, use your finger to draw on the photo. If you make a mistake, don't worry. Simply tap the arrow (left of the pencil) to undo your mistake.

      To add things to your "snap" make sure you've enabled the filter feature in your setting; swipe your finger left or right to preview each filter.
To adjust the time limit that someone can view your snap, tap the stopwatch icon at the bottom-left corner.

Sending snaps:
            Tap the arrow in the bottom right had corner to send your snap! It will take you to your contacts list and you can click as many friends as you would like to share your snap with. Your story is at the very top so don’t forget about that if you want the particular snap to be viewed by all your friends for the next 24 hours.
            If you ever want to save your snap whether it is a video or just a great "selfie", before you send your snap look for the "Download" symbol next to your timer at the bottom of the photo or video. looks like an inverted carrot pointing to an underscore. Tap the symbol then voila! Your snap is automatically saved in your gallery on your phone!

I think you are ready!

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